Shipping boxes are the best means of transporting the products. There can be anything inside a corrugated container ranging from heavy and costly items to small products. A lot of expertise is used in its designing so that the boxes can carry the products safely.

The corrugated containers have features which make these useful for any organization.  Belly is the largest corrugated box distributors in the world. Their warehouses are in Quebec, Arizona, etc. This box has more strength than cardboard. It is a tougher grade of cardboard that has a multi-layered construction. This makes it more durable than a normal box while shipping heavy goods.

Advantages of A Corrugated Container  

These are highly in demand worldwide. The boxes are used on a large scale in transportation industries due to the following advantages.

  • Durability is the key factor. These are durable enough to tolerate rough handling during transportation.
  • Budget-friendly and provide goods protection.
  • Can absorb moisture, so the products remain safe inside the box.
  • Come in various designs and grades.
  • These are environment-friendly rather than plastics, can be recycled.
  • It is a simple task to close these with an adhesive or a packaging tape.
  • Can be customized and made at the suitable cost.

Can Dangerous Goods Be Shipped in Corrugated Containers?

It is very significant to label all the hazardous materials so that the employees know about these during their work. There are tests that can be conducted to check the strength of the boxes. These measures are taken to check the durability of the same. It gives a complete picture of how the corrugated containers will react under certain conditions.

Choosing the Correct Packaging Material

The corrugated board is tougher and has more strength. However, there are some goods which need extra protection. These materials protect your goods during transportation. Use of dunnage airbags prevents the shifting of cargo during transit. Vermiculite absorbs moisture from the items. The shrink and bubble wrap provides a cushion to the products.

Tips for Safely Handling Boxes

  • Fragile goods must have a label.
  • The edges of the boxes are sharp, so the employees need to wear the gloves.
  • The boxes need to be kept away from the sources of moisture.
  • Always keep an emergency response book copy in your hand.
  • The place where these boxes are kept should be free of sharp object. As it can damage the containers.
  • The shipping boxes should not be dragged manually. Tools like a forklift can be used to lift.


Thus, the corrugated containers are the perfect solution to fulfill your business needs. Due to low price and durability, boxes are the preferred choice worldwide. It is possible to do the shipping of heavy goods.