The evolution of CCTV or surveillance cameras over the years has been noteworthy. In recent years, there has almost been a technological influx in the CCTV camera space. As the demand for these cameras is reaching sky high, newer versions are being launched every single day. It would be an understatement to say that CCTV cameras offer better security.

Here is how the CCTV camera technology has made its mark in more places than can be imagined.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared surveillance cameras are designed to view in areas with very little light. Small LEDs inside these cameras enable them to view when there is limited light or even when it is dark. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye but not when it comes to the camera. Some cameras can even see farther distances with the presence of multiple LEDs. These are also referred to as ‘night-vision’ cameras.


As surveillance cameras become digitally advanced, there is always a threat of hackers attacking and manipulating the security system. With the presence of a Virtual Private Network or VPN, it is possible to defend the security network or system from hackers. The internet can be accessed via VPN thereby creating a cushion which can protect the system.

Wide Dynamic Range

Some of the latest technology CCTV cameras have WDR or wide dynamic range, which allows them to cope with difficult lighting conditions. It can give a clear view even when the camera is facing into the light. It can help detect faces and other details more clearly than a normal camera.

Day/Night Technology

Cameras with day/night technology can automatically switch between color or black and white recording depending on which gives the best picture quality. The camera can maximize illumination and manage to see in the dark. Several performance-enhancing features like noise reduction and image stabilization are part of such high-end surveillance cameras.

Wide Dynamic Range

WDR imaging is a mechanism available as a part of the latest CCTV camera technology. It helps in combining images such that a full-scene content can be created and viewed. The images generated with this technology are very clear and have good sharpness. It also allows tone mapping where the darkness or brightness of an image can be adjusted.

Using a surveillance system is considered to be the first line of defense against any form of crime. Technological advancements in CCTV cameras are making them more functionally useful, thereby giving an assurance to the owner about thorough safety and security.